Sleeping Well During Final Stages of Pregnancy

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Mothers-to-be require several hours of sleep. The problem is that they are also becoming more and more uncomfortable as the pregnancy progresses. That can drastically affect sleep at night, as well as rest during the day. Piling up regular pillows for support and comfort can be frustrating and time-consuming. Any shift in movement renders towers of support useless as pillows fall out of place.

Full body pillows are the answer. There are some designed specifically for pregnant women, but there are also some that provide full body support to anyone who needs it. The following is a list of things to consider when searching among the best pregnancy body pillows.

  • Costs can get expensive so decide on a budget before beginning a search.

  • Full body pillows take up a lot of room so size is a consideration.

  • Quality differs so make sure it is well made to avoid it falling apart.

  • Support can include neck and shoulders; back, hips, and knees; or total body support.

  • Shapes and designs include C-shape, U-shape, bean shape, and wedges.

  • Is it washable?

The two leading U-shaped body pillows are the Comfort U full-size total support body pillow and the Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort pregnancy pillow. Both provide full body support. The Comfort U places emphasis on neck and shoulder support, while the Today’s Mom pillow include a shoulder comfort system. Covers on each choice can be removed and washed. The Today’s Mom pillow can also be used to nurse baby once it arrives. The Comfort U pillow is the higher priced option of the two.

The Leacho Snoogle Total Body Pillow is the top seller of C-shaped full support pillows. The washable cover can be removed, and additional covers can be purchased at an additional cost. A cost-effective wedge option is the Boppy Pregnancy wedge. It provides firm support for the back and stomach and has a washable cover. The compact design makes this wedge portable. Luxury support is available in the Pharmedoc Total Body Pillow. The cover is one-hundred percent cotton, which makes it cool and comfortable. The interior cushioning is firm and durable so it will not break down, bunch up, or fail to retain the original shape.